• SecureScore

    Secure Digital Identity,
    Next Generation Credit and Trust Scores,

    Automated Regulatory Compliance

  • Traditional Credit Reporting Agencies Don’t Protect Against Identity Theft.
    And They Don’t Work for Most of the World’s Transactions

    Everyone, from people buying and selling on Craigslist to corporations outsourcing production, need to know that the parties they're dealing with:

    • Are who they say they are (KYC)
    • Honor their financial commitments (Credit Scores)
    • Will do what they say they will do (Trustworthiness)

    Traditional credit scores do only one part of the job, don’t work for small businesses, and don’t work across international borders.

  • SecureScore:

    A Blockchain-based network that protects private information and enables commerce

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    Cryptographic security protects your information: No one can see any data without your permission. And when you do give permission, no one can see the information except the person or entity you shared it with.

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    Global Identity Theft Protection

    SecureScore's built-in security model prevents identifying documents from being re-used to create false identities.

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    Global Credit and Trust Scores

    SecureScore provides Credit Scores, and also provides an open platform to support any other score:

    • Identity Scores - Are they who they say they are?
    • Reliability Scores - Will they follow through?
    • Capability Scores - Can they do the job?
    • P2P Trading Score - Are they a trustworthy Craigslist or eBay trader?
    • Slavery-Free Product Score - Is the company or product produced only with good labor standards?
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    Safer Transactions

    When paid using SCORE tokens, transactions can be protected by Arbiters: Payment is only finalized if the product is delivered, or the terms are met.

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    Find Trusted Partners

    Search the SecureScore network to find trusted partners:

    • Companies who can do the job
    • Employees who have the skills
    • Products that are environmentally sustainable
  • SCORE Tokens

    Powering the SecureScore Network


    Pay Identity Validators

    SecureScore and the SCORE token creates a marketplace for Banks, Notaries Public and other authorities who can verify the identity of a person, company or organization. Different verifications can use different providers.


    Pay Scoring Authorities

    SecureScore and the SCORE token creates a marketplace for Scoring Authorites, who generate credit or other types of trust scores, according to their own algorithms and pricing.


    Pay Secure Sharing Providers

    SecureScore uses proxy re-encryption and other leading cryptographic technologies which enable information to be shared on a fine-grained basis and only to the designated recipient. Secure Sharing Providers facilitate this, but never have access to private data.


    Pay for Goods and Services

    SecureScore supports any payment method, but when SCORE tokens are used, additional functionality becomes available including: Full round-trip audit trails; Secure Escrow payments, enforced by designated Arbiters; Self-documenting evidence of contractual fulfillment; Information escrow where identifying data is revealed in cases of fraud or other agreed outcomes; and more.

  • The Team

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    Raphael Laderman


    Former COO of Nio Games (acquired by N3twork), CTO of iSyndicate, AVP at Prudential Securities (now Wachovia Securities), consulted for Chase, Citibank and other large corporate clients.

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    Blockchain Technical Lead

    Technical Architect of Trust Graph, an Ethereum-based component of SecureScore. Formerly Decentralized Architect and Tech Lead of Co-Makery, an Ethereum-based collaboration system.

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    Blockchain Strategic Advisor

    CEO of blockchain collaboration company Co-Makery, Co-founder of Citizen Code, blockchain and app development studio, Former VP of Engineering at NASDAQ Private Markets and at SharesPost.


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    Lawrence Rufrano

    Regulatory and Finance Advisor

    Former Senior Supervisory Financial Analyst, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Senior Vice President of Treasury and Capital Markets Strategies at Bank of America.


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    User Experience Advisor

    Creative Director at Blue Owl Technology, former Creative Director at Backbone Entertainment and Studio Director at Glu Mobile.

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    Strategic Investor

    Director of Product: Blue Owl Technology; Lifetime Member: Bitcoin Foundation; SVP Technology Innovation: Standard Chartered Bank Studios


  • Get In Touch

    We're actively seeking :

    • Partnerships with Organizations to work with SecureScore for applications like: KYC / Onboarding, Scoring, Creating special purpose scores for Credit, Trust, Reliability, Sustainability, Regulatory Compliance, etc.
    • Developers with a experience in Ethereum/Solidity, and/or Cryptography algorithms
    • Investors (Accredited only, if in the USA)